Mended Sword's Events Page:

Spartan West Point 2018:

​Thank you to all who signed up, and for those who helped along the way. Mended Swords second Spartan race was an outstanding success. 

West Point Football Game 2015:

This was Ralph's first West Point football game. Ralph got to meet all of the Generals of West Point, have dinner with them, got to see the locker rooms of the team, had the game dedicated to him, and walked away with the game ball.

Clothing the Veterans: 

On December 15th, we were able to help two disabled veterans. We treated them to a haircut, new clothes, a meal, fellowship, and a car service ride home to their doorstep. It was a pleasure to spend time with, and get to know such deserving men.

​West Point Paintball Spring 2018:

West Point Combat Classic brought the game back to Lake Frederick's field which allowed for a more entertaining game for our veterans, and the reveal of Mended Sword's new tank. 

West Point Paint Ball Spring 2017:

​This event took place on a new field. Many new veterans were a part of this game.

West Point Football Game 2016: 

​Ralph was able to invite some of his friends, who were also WW2 veterans. They all got to meet the other teams mascots, West Point Generals, and the West Point cheerleaders. 

West Point Fall Paintball Combat Classic: 

Orange County Choppers: 

Mended Swords was invited to Orange County Choppers Block Party.

Spartan West Point 2017​​:

​A link to an article about the event can be found here: 

West Point Ceremony to Honor Cadets From Spartan Race: 

Mike & Ralph went to West Point's Preparatory school to thank the special individuals who helped the team to complete their goal of finishing the race. 


​Being able to not only see this but walk part of the trail with you all was an amazing experience which I am very grateful for. With the camaraderie and grit of the group and the moving tribute to those veterans who couldn't be there, this was an epic display of remembrance and celebration.

Kim S.

When I was asked to be a part of Mended Sword’s Spartan Race team, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and looking back, I am sure grateful that I agreed. Ralph is not only a hero, he is one of the finest examples of a great, humble person as he took the time to acknowledge everyone who wanted to his hand, asked him questions, and gladly posed for countless photos.  The other team members, who did most of the lifting, had an endless supply of energy as well as great spirit which led to bringing Ralph across the Spartan finish line.  Thank you Sgt. Speed, Mended Swords, and the rest of the organization for one of the most memorable, challenging and rewarding experiences.

SPC Luchenbill, 3/1FA 1/6FA US Army 95-98

West Point Paint Ball Fall 2016:

For Ralph's 91 year, he wanted to be part of the West Point Paint Ball war game. His words to Michael: "I don't know how much longer I have, nor if I could do this next year."

Memorial Day Weekend at Hyde Park:

For the 14th year in a row, Mended Swords was asked to participate in a military reenactment on FDR's estate in Hyde Park, NY. 

Veteran Chow Down 2017:

Mended Swords helped to support the Veteran's Chow Down, along side with other charities including the New York Riders of Putnam County.