The MIA / KIA / Suicide Awareness Walk: 

Location: Putnam County Veteran Memorial Park (201 Gypsy Trail Road, Carmel, NY 10512) to Top Field Equestrian Center (115 Stonecrop Ln, Cold Spring, NY 10516) (Distance of walk is 14.2 miles). You ARE NOT required to walk the whole way to participate. 

Time: Arive at 7am 

How do I Register? 

1. Email the administrator of the charity, Collin Speed at: Additional information will be emailed 2 weeks prior to the walk. 

2. Enter your $10.00 registration fee through the link below, or if you would like a dog tag and chain made for the veteran that you are walking for, it will be an additional $5.00. Please state in the email, how many dog tags you will would like, and when the veteran served, due to the fact that the dog tag may be different from the modern ones. 

3. Arive at the memorial park no later than 7:30am for lineup. The walk will begin promptly at 8am. 

If any questions arise, please contact Collin at the email listed above, or check out Mended Swords Facebook page.  


MIA / KIA Suicide Awareness Walk