One of the only things that changes from war to war, is the equipment and technology.

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This vehicle is a 1955 M38-A1 Army Willys Jeep. This vehicle was used for troop transport and medical support for over eight thousand miles in the Korean War. This jeep sat on the back of a train car for 15 years, before it was bought back to its glory by a private party.

Mike bought this vehicle for it to be a monument, and a way to help people remember, and never forget, the brave men and women who served during this time. Over the last fifteen years, it has been at countless memorials, funerals, parades, fairs, community events, and schools. It also currently can be viewed at West Point's Black Knight Alley, during most home football games, and at other various functions on the campus/post.

Ralph's Vision

The acquisition of this vehicle was inspired by Ralph Osterhoudt. Ralph operated a WWII half-track during the Battle of the Bulge. 

When asked if he'd like to have the opportunity to drive the M923 through a five foot mud hole, the instant smile, and the words " Can I really?", was incentive enough to make it happen.

This is a 1991 M923. This vehicle was used as an all terrain / all weather vehicle for movement of troops, weapons, and anything needed to logistically support a mission. It was in service through 1991, utilized heavily in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Operation Storm.  

Mended Swords utilizes this vehicle to help to support events and functions created for our veterans.

​Opportunities to drive this vehicle, through an off-road experience, will be available soon. If this is something you may be interested in, please email us at: